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Our unique t-post  design allows you to slide your Scrapestick onto a T-Post.

  • Envision your scrape site before driving the T-Post into the ground.
  • It’s important the T-Post studs (small nubs) are facing away from your scrape site.
  • Simply drive the T-Post into the ground 18-24 inches, completely burying the anchor.
  • Slide the ScrapeStick onto the T-Post and tighten down using the T-Post fastener. 


Our unique strap design allows you to secure to a tree or post of your choice.

  • Our 6ft strap is included to help accommodate most situations where a strap can be used.
  • The strap and buckle is made from materials to help withstand weather.
  • Simply feed your strap through the unit and around your tree or post.
  • Run the strap back through the buckle and cinch tight.
  • Pull the unit in a downward angle to ensure is completely secure.


      Our unique screw option feature allows hunters to strongly secure. As well as consider more permanent locations.

      • In your packaging we have included four 3” screws which can be used.
      • We recommend alternating sides when securing to your desired surface. This helps balance your product and helps from overtightening one side.

        Other Considerations 

        • When selecting a branch use what’s natural to your area and less than 1 ¼ ‘ in diameter.
        • An ideal branch is longer than 3 ft but not to exceed 6 ft.
        • Insert your branch into the branch tube.
        • Secure by tightening you’re your tube jaw fastener.
        • Next, adjust the height of your branch to around 4 ft at it’s lowest hanging point.
        • Make a scrape at the lowest hanging point of the branch by simply racking up the ground to expose bare dirt. 2ft in diameter would be ideal.

        Note: You may need to adjust your branch height up or down depending on the size of your deer.
        Note: Consider your scent while making your mock scrape. Leaving this area as scent free as possible is important.
        Note: It’s possible your branch will eventually break. This is why we made it easy to insert a new one. More times than not it’s mature bucks to blame. So don’t be discouraged if yours breaks. It only means your strategy is working!