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ScrapeStick is a patent-pending licking branch system used to attract, pattern and position whitetail deer. Deer rely on licking branches and scrapes to communicate to each other, most notably during rut. Mature bucks will often use licking branches to claim an area or to simply see who is nearby. By using ScrapeStick in combination with a mock scrape, you’ll enhance your opportunities for great trail camera pictures and action from your tree stand.
ScrapeStick allows you to effortlessly create a mock scrape anywhere - especially in that favorite shooting lane or in view of your trail camera. Installation is quick and easy with three different mounting options. The ScrapeStick may be fastened to any structure using the provided strap. For a more permanent installation, securely mount The ScrapeStick using the available screw holes. Lastly, easily mount The ScrapeStick to a T-Post for the most versatile solution. 
Once ScrapeStick is installed, simply insert a branch, secure it with our steel-tooth locking jaw, and use the adjustable arm to perfectly position the branch over the mock scrape. The end - or lowest point of your branch that is targeted for your deer should hang four feet directly over your mock scrape.
When selecting a branch, it is recommended to focus on using what’s natural to the area. Ideally, use the same type of tree(s) deer are already using. Consider using Cedar tree branches for more flexibility or Oak tree branches which provide strength.
When making the mock scrape, remember to be mindful of scent. Simply rake to expose bare ground that measures 2-3 feet in diameter. Remember, the mock scrape site should be positioned directly below the lowest point, or directly under the expected area of the branch your deer will use.
ScrapeStick has been tested, redesigned and approved by the most avid hunters - simple, versatile, effective.