Installation - 3 Unique Options

  • Option 1: Slide

    Our unique t-post  design allows you to slide your Scrapestick onto a T-Post.

    Envision your scrape site before driving the T-Post into the ground.It’s important the T-Post studs (small nubs) are facing away from your scrape site.Simply drive the T-Post into the ground 18-24 inches, completely burying the anchor.Slide the ScrapeStick onto the T-Post and tighten down using the T-Post fastener. 

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  • Option 2: Strap

    Our unique strap design allows you to secure to a tree or post of your choice.

    Our 6ft strap is included to help accommodate most situations where a strap can be used.The strap and buckle is made from materials to help withstand weather.Simply feed your strap through the unit and around your tree or post.Run the strap back through the buckle and cinch tight.Pull the unit in a downward angle to ensure is completely secure.

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  • Option 3: Screw

    Our unique screw option feature allows hunters to strongly secure. As well as consider more permanent locations.

    In your packaging we have included four 3” screws which can be used.We recommend alternating sides when securing to your desired surface. This helps balance your product and helps from overtightening one side.

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How ScrapeStick Works

ScrapeStick is a patent-pending licking branch system used to attract, pattern and position whitetail deer. Deer rely on licking branches and scrapes to communicate to each other, most notably during rut. Every natural or mock scrape needs a licking branch in order to work. Mature bucks will often use licking branches to claim an area or to simply see who is nearby. By using ScrapeStick in combination with a mock scrape, you can virtually create a mock scrape site anywhere to enhance your opportunities for great trail camera pictures and action from your tree stand.

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The three unique installation options allow you to place ScrapeStick anywhere by either strapping it, screwing it or using a metal T-post. With 17 possible height adjustments, the branch can be placed at the proper height for optimal success. The adjustment design allows the branch to moved in 6" increments until reaching the desired height (4-4.5 feet). The steel jawtooth clamping system will allow up to 1.25" in diameter branches. When using ScrapeStick with a metal T-Post the provided set screw will ensure the unit properly gets secured to the post.


    Lightweight and compact 
    design allows for easy setup & transportation. 


    The ScrapeStick allows you to effortlessly create a mock scrape anywhere with it's ability to strap, screw or slide onto a t-post.


    Scrape sites are natural and have proven to provide predictable behavior as opposed to alternatives.


    Hundreds of hunters have been surveyed and agree the ScrapeStick produces results.


"The versatility of the ScrapeStick allowed me to make a mock scrape where I otherwise would not have been able. I was able to get inventory of 12 different bucks on 1 camera in less than a month. Great product!"

"Amazing product! Quick and easy set-up.
The deer couldn't resist it!"

“Really versatile product. Allows me to put my mock scrapes exactly where I need them.”

About Us

It starts with two regular guys from Iowa who enjoy late summer and early fall for obvious reasons. Like many deer hunters, Kade and Brandon enjoy getting their cameras set in August to see what opportunities might arrive that season. (Getting overly optimistic is all part of the fun, right?)